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What is the Komori Eyekom?

Operation of the Eyekom simulator

Paper position is detected using a number of sensors, using a light source transmitter and a photo transistor receiver, whereby paper is detected as it travels between the source and receiver. In addition, there is a proximity sensor used to count the number of sheets being printed.

  • The top row of LED's on the tester represent and monitor the supply voltage to each source transmitter.
  • The received signal may be switched on/off using the toggle switch below each LED. Since the presence of paper is being simulated a series of synchronised pulses is generated. The two flashing LED's on the right side of the test jig are the simulated signals, used to  inform the press when paper is present, allowing the press to feed/run.
  • Sometimes two sheets may be passed together which is detected using the reduced light intensity through two sheets of paper.

The Eyekom is in use in Komori print installations around the world.

The purpose of the Eyekom unit is to detect sheets fed into the feeder of a sheet-offset printing press and automatically act during impression as well as acting on the impression-off. Should sheets be improperly fed, or if double sheets are fed, the Eyekom unit stops the feeder. When sheets are improperly fed to the side lay, the Eyekom unit activates an alarm

What's New?

  • In its sophisticated electronic repair facilities in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK, Paramount has developed simulation techniques, which permit full functional testing and operation of the Eyekom - 3A.
  • Customers requiring a repair of the Eyekom can send it to, or have it collected by, Paramount with the assurance that it can be returned in working condition in just a few days.
  • The savings in both time and money are significant for customers with installations that must be maintained in full working order.

About Paramount Electronics

Paramount Electronics Ltd was established in 1989 for the repair of complex industrial and commercial electronics. It has developed a large customer base around the world for the repair of electronics in many sectors including Printing, Industrial Controls, Shipping and Navigation, Power Generation, Oil Extraction and Lifts. Major corporations rely on Paramount for fast and effective electronic repairs to critical equipment.

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