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    Paramount has recently announced the extension of its repair capabilities to include the rebuild of:

    Rustronic Turbine Control Cabinet

What is the Rustronic Turbine Control Cabinet?: A gas turbine generator control.

Where is it used: In the main, in the Petro-Chemical industry. 

What was the challenge:  Paramount was requested by our customer  to make a working reconditioned control cabinet from two old cabinets. Here is an extract from his original enquiry:

  • "We have another job due to be undertaken this year using a Rustronic Norbit control system for which the client requires full refurbishment. I have in mind to withdraw    all the control chassis and send them to Paramount for cleaning, repair and      refurbishment, as necessary. We have recently purchased a similar control suite and therefore have spares as required, in addition to those un-repaired PCB items that you hold on our behalf."

The job involved stripping and cleaning the 8 chassis, and repairing all the cards.

  • Disassembly of the chassis, cleaning the chassis components, and reassembling the chassis. We replaced missing and broken switches, indicators, and meters as   required, and checked the wiring loom repairing / replacing as required.

What does it comprise

Governor Control Unit
Comprising the chassis & Power Supply Unit, Control, Limiter, CT Speed, PT Speed, Demand, and Process modules

Governor Control Unit

Annunciator / Display Unit

Annunciator Display_728x600

4 Channel Flame Failure Unit

4 channel flame failure unit

AC Power Supply  Unit

AC Power Supply Unit

Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitor

Solid State Control Unit

Solid State Control Unit

Generator Temperature Monitor.

Generator Temp Monitor_800x439

Water Wash Control Unit

Water Wash Control Unit

What sort of repair

The 40 Norbit logic control PCB's were functionally tested at board level. Any faulty devices were repaired or replaced.

The Water Wash Control Unit, 4 Channel Flame Failure Unit, AC Power Supply Unit, Annunciator / Display Unit, and Temperature Monitor were all repaired at component level, any faulty devices were replaced, and then all were functionally tested.

What other issues did we face

The main challenge with this job was the obsolescence of many devices. The control was designed and built in the late 1970's & 1980's, using Norbit logic devices from the late 1960's. With our experience we are able to test, repair, and replace these devices. Very soon, we will be in a position to provide an alternative replacement.

What was the outcome

Using our long established test and repair methods our highly skilled team of engineers completed the work in well under the 3 week deadline. Each chassis was individually tested using custom made test rigs, designed to input the appropriate signals and record the consequent outputs.

Expected life of the reconditioned unit

All the work is covered by a 12 month warranty. But, because we replace all components that are subject to deterioration over time we would expect it to last very much longer.

About Paramount Electronics

Paramount Electronics Ltd was established in 1989 for the repair of complex industrial and commercial electronics. It has developed a large customer base around the world for the repair of electronics in many sectors including Printing, Industrial Controls, Shipping and Navigation, Power Generation, Oil Extraction and Lifts. Major corporations rely on Paramount for fast and effective electronic repairs to critical equipment.

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